AllHere is an up-and-coming company in the education, K-12 market. Their solution is used by teachers across the country and provides a set of tools to reduce chronic absentees. Their product is also integrated with existing solutions that teachers use.

Even if they get most of their business through in-person meetings, they felt like they needed to rethink how they presented their company on the web. Some of their customers are tech savvy so having a well-presented website could help them win more deals.

I worked with AllHere team to refresh their entire online brand presence. I've adjusted their logo for the web (pixel perfect) and redesigned their web experience.
We decided to put interactive elements on the landing page. As I've mentioned previously, some of their customers are tech savvy so we thought that having a looped video in the header would play well with that target segment.

The page continues with the key features of the app and some custom imagery.

We continue with testimonials to strengthen the brand.
The solutions page was a bit more heavy on text. We decided it was best to balance the content with some light imagery (icons here).

We're playing with the same colorful palette we used on the landing to keep the brand consistent.

We added links to download the white papers and other formatted files. Teachers tend to need those when they want approval for their projects.
Here we list the main case studies that the company had. We're using fun colors and interactive elements throughout the site and we wanted to bring that feeling to that page as well.

We went a little bit less conventional on the blog images and added some GIF animations (sort of a stop motion) again playing with our tech savvy market segment.
Finally we did responsive versions of all the pages that were designed. You can't have a modern website and no mobile strategy. We've adjusted the content and layout on all the pages to make sure they still made sense on mobile.
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