ArtStation is the leading social network for artists. It helps thousands of professional artists find jobs in the entertainment industry and is home to over 300,000 artists.

Over the course of a few years, I've helped ArtStation establish a design system. The system was built in collaboration with internal stakeholders, developers and more importantly, the artists and studios. We included each party at every step of the way so that we could always evaluate our solutions and collect new information.

The design system had a style guide as a basis for the UI and some general UX principles that we developed as we learned how most professional artists behaved.

I was also in charge of the design of the mobile applications which are available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.
This screen is not the first screen you see on both the mobile and desktop application but it's one of the most important. It's actually one of the most popular screens of the app.

As we released Pro Plans, I was in charge of redesigning the artist's profile page.
This map represented their current onboarding flow. It was important to map the current state in order to see the bigger picture.
After a long process and many discussions, we came up with this new onboarding flow. We made sure this flow also respected their business objectives and tech requirements.
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