LifeWeb - Case Study
Lifeweb is a B2C app that helps people collect and honor a loved one’s memory.

LifeWeb got in touch with us to redesign their onboarding. They had already conducted some foundational user research but needed to learn more about the challenges of their current onboarding.

We helped them conduct this additional research which informed us about the challenges new users face when they add content for the first time.
To find a solution to some of these challenges we replicated their current onboarding flow which helped us visualize the current experience and identify points of frictions.

We sketched some of our solutions in wireframes to get initial alignment from the team.
Once we got alignment from the team and users on our ideas, we created high fidelity mockups.
Our final designs included the specific challenges we found around new users adding content for the first time and additional improvements on publishing content in general.

We tested more unconvential navigation during some of our research sessions.
Finally, we handed off a foundational design system to help the engineering team execute with speed on our mockups.
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